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2700 N Hwy 17, Suite H
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466


After 17 years of practice as a licensed massage therapist in Charleston, SC, Aija  (Atmah Ja) has assimilated a range of techniques—making her a specialist in the field of mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation. Aija is one of the few therapists to offer cupping in Charleston, SC after having first encountered “fire” cupping while apprenticing with a Thai medicine man in Chang Mai,Thailand. While cupping has been around for centuries, it is currently trending because of its ability to produce dramatic healing effects in a shortened period of time!  

My Practice

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After nearly 20 years of practice as a massage specialist in Charleston, SC I have accrued a body of knowledge and a range of techniques that stream from what is a lifelong passion in the field of mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation.

From a very young age, my journey was defined by transcending traditional labels which stimulated in me –organic, empirical research into naturopathy as multi-disciplinary mind-body approach suffused with eastern / energy medicine and western medical sciences.

 In studying with masters in the Himalayan Mountains of India and Thailand, I empathically internalized the meridian maps of the body and assimilated eastern therapies, utilizing them as highly evolved “ancient technologies” and the oldest most efficacious treatment protocols in use today.

And while I revel in the wisdom of the ancients, at the same time I embrace and synchronize my practice with the technology of the day, offering Class 4 Laser Therapy as the pinnacle of naturally healing tissue through the symbiotic and evolutionary communication of cellular regeneration via light therapy.

The pillar of my practice is based on the simplest statement found in The Toa- “What you cannot find in the body, you cannot find anywhere”.  This has been the foundation of my philosophy and personal ethos rooted in the fact that the body is nature and nature possesses the regenerative intelligence to renew its cellular system. Working with clients and offering my Core 4 therapies, –I initiate the body via Class 4 laser therapy, cupping, massage or gua sha to stimulate inherent bio-chemical healing mechanisms and then let the body's innate design take care of the rest.