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2700 N Hwy 17, Suite H
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466


After 17 years of practice as a licensed massage therapist in Charleston, SC, Aija  (Atmah Ja) has assimilated a range of techniques—making her a specialist in the field of mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation. Aija is one of the few therapists to offer cupping in Charleston, SC after having first encountered “fire” cupping while apprenticing with a Thai medicine man in Chang Mai,Thailand. While cupping has been around for centuries, it is currently trending because of its ability to produce dramatic healing effects in a shortened period of time!  

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Aija Yoga - North Mount Pleasant

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Greetings All... You asked and now, you got it... Two days of Rivertowne Country Club Yoga ~ all are welcome! Each day fills a need - Tues am 8:30 Yoga Restore is gentle therapy for the mind and body - for all levels. Weds 9:30 Yoga Invigorate is for powering the mind through the body using more vigor. The two classes balance each other and are perfect to do as a yin/yang combo ....take both days for $100 (members) $130 (non- Country Club members)! Wow!...

The classes run for 6 weeks and are a deal at single class $60 / $75 respectively ... if you miss your class day - you can drop into the other. ByoMat, 2Blocks & Strap! PLEASE NOTE TIME DIFFERENCE ON TUES 8:30 / WEDS 9:30 !!!!! If you're in the neighborhood or North Mount Pleasant area... and haven't tried it... Why not? Skip the 30 min drive to Coleman Blvd... and get to know your yoga community in your community.

Ive been teaching yoga for 2 decades and studied in India - yet teach with an open attitude that allows for everyone to experience yoga and the expression of the mind and body through your own belief system... Hope to see you! Contact me with any questions! / 843-323-8341

YOGA Restore 6 Weeks

~ Starting Feb 20 Tuesdays * 8:30-9:45 All levels $60 Members / $75 Non Members This class is designed to be gentle and restorative while at the same time increasing energy levels with deep breathing to rejuvenate the mind. Modified sun salutations and ample floor/mat work will focus on stretch/strength and will be gentle yet juicy on the joints. This is the perfect class for a beginner but also for an advanced student who is interested a more therapeutic and meditative practice. Tues & Weds 6 Weeks package Deal! $100 Members/ $130 Non members

YOGA Invigorate 6 Weeks

~ Starting Feb 21 Wednesdays * 9:30-10:45 Level: physically fit $60 Members / $75 Non Members This class is designed for students who desire to expand their practice in all areas and complexities. There will be a generous amount of flow and sun salutations with great stretch and strength. It will entail strength/cardio segments that will raise the heart rate and fire up muscles focusing on the mind and breath, finishing with a well earned savasana! This class is for an active person that that desires a physical challenge with a mantra of "Get strong/be calm"! Tues & Weds 6 Weeks package Deal! $100 Members/ $130 Non members