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After 17 years of practice as a licensed massage therapist in Charleston, SC, Aija  (Atmah Ja) has assimilated a range of techniques—making her a specialist in the field of mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation. Aija is one of the few therapists to offer cupping in Charleston, SC after having first encountered “fire” cupping while apprenticing with a Thai medicine man in Chang Mai,Thailand. While cupping has been around for centuries, it is currently trending because of its ability to produce dramatic healing effects in a shortened period of time!  

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Core 4 Treatment Therapies

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As a certified class 4 laser specialist I parallel the dynamics of light therapy to the intelligence of natures photosynthesis generated in plants and the scent chemical pheromones honey bees use to bio communicate.

The science of infrared light therapy from a laser functions similarly to photosynthesis through the encapsulation of a focused infrared-light in a laser beam. Just as the plants process light photons into energy, so too does the laser excite the same biochemical response in our system. In effect, we can grow our own “green energy leaves” through light stimulated cell growth.  

When applying laser therapy the infrared light is absorbed by photoreceptors in each cell. This harmonizes with our bodies frequency unlocking a series of metabolic events that fuels the mitochondria, referred to as the power plant in each cell. 

This fuel source in turn starts to restore chemically damaged cells in a regenerative manner, increasing blood flow through vasodilation, allowing the non responsive tissues in the body to receive enriched oxygen and nutrients in order to function efficiently.

In the natural world we have learned how bees communicate via chemical signals to interact with each other and manage a colony through a pheromone like dance of neuro-chemical communication. The study of neuroscience has also confirmed that at a cellular level we react and interact much the same.  Our cells comprise an orchestrated dance of bio chemical communications of interrelated responses and reactions every second. 

When we have an injury, inflammation or damaged tissue, whether it is chronic pain or disease, it is chemically stimulated by reactions happening in the cells. When the body is injured and begins to heal itself, it is but an alternative response of chemical reactions through cellular communication. 

So understanding the chemical response mechanism of all things in nature allows us to break down our genetic relationship or kinship from honey bees to photo-synthesis. Infrared light therapy harmonizes to our bodies frequency- "We are infrared"!

Having studied with masters in India and Thailand affirmed my affinity with the intelligence of eastern medicine and assimilated the protocols into my practice philosophy, merging what one might perceive as an “ancient therapy” yet when unveiled is an incredible technological healing system.

When I first encountered “fire” cupping and gua sha (see below) as an apprentice under a Thai medicine man, I was awed by the profound results that catalyzed stagnancy and pain in chronic tissue and in such a demonstrative way that as the cup marks surfaced, the diagnostic accuracy was succinct to the toxicity that was directly underlying the pain!

This impressed upon my psyche the importance of this vital practice of ridding and cleansing the body of stagnation so much so that when I returned stateside, I completed a certification in Medical-Massage Cupping to integrate and share the profound effects and benefits with my clients.

Cupping massage is an ancient homeopathic therapy that lifts muscle tissue into a cup thereby comfortably pulling and stretching it away from the bone. The application has immediate effects as it encourages blood circulation to nourish the tissue with oxygen and nutrients. 

The cup pulls unhealthy, stagnant blood and toxins from the underlying tissue and enriched blood begins to stream into the area releasing adhesions and built up scar tissue, enhancing circulation, joint mobility, soft tissue release and cellular regeneration.

The overall effect of cupping treatments can also assist the cellular body to develop new blood vessels called neo-vascularization. This is why cupping is REGENERATIVE and maintains consistent results of successful treatments!

When receiving cupping therapy, the healing process can be shortened by weeks, even months, and is why its efficacy and popularity have been trending in high demand!

 Essential oils are applied and are more readily absorbed promoting tissue health and improved condition. 


Having been an licensed massage therapist for 20 years my practice has developed into an intuitive intelligence that responds to the multi-dimensional aspects of what is the mind and body, recognizing it as “sponge-like” container that absorbs stress through emotional patterning.  Over time, the pattern embeds itself into our neural-circuitry (or meridian system) causing stagnation in tissues as they begin to harden and become dense and fibrous.  This leads to inadequate circulation culminating in retention, toxicity and nerve compression as a source of ongoing pain. The irony is the systemic damage and degradation of our health is self perpetuated in the body as a result of the stress hormones we release which in turn lead to disease.

My reflection of what massage offers in this high strung digital age is that if we desire to sustain a rich, intelligent and complex life, the body with regard to massage is similar to our technology- WE REQUIRE A REBOOT! 

Merging my experience of pycho-neuro-biology interfaced with eastern medicine, I work with intuitive intelligence systemically releasing accu-points along the meridian system promoting restoration and re-calibration of the mind and body.  

With an ethos and personal practice rooted in nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and naturopathic remedies, I work with clients to achieve optimal benefits and to expand their mental/physical well-being from each exchange.

Having witnessed the benefits of Gua Sha while abroad- I experienced our innate -inborn  capacity to heal when using various instruments and techniques to “nudge” the body to restore, regenerate and renew.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, by bringing heat to the skin surface, gua sha releases the blocked energy along the meridians.

This moderately applied rubbing/scraping technique has profound effects on the fascia (the fabric that lines the muscle tissue) breaking up adhesions and scar tissue that grip our neurological system akin to a tight spandex wrapping the highly innervated network of our body causing either pain or numbness. 

The stroking motion may create a raised redness (petechiae) on the skins surface but like cupping has a powerful effect on chronic stagnation and is a desired effect for ridding the body of toxins and debris.

The goal of the Gua Sha is to break up the adhesions and to intentionally bring inflammation to the area. This inflammation will then stimulate an organic healing process that will not only heal the new micro-traumas caused by this technique; but will heal the original damaged tissue that caused the adhesions to form initially. Gua Sha focuses on restoring free flowing neuro-regenerative functionality to the body while powerfully removing the chronic pathological restrictions that over time degrade health.