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2700 N Hwy 17, Suite H
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466


After 17 years of practice as a licensed massage therapist in Charleston, SC, Aija  (Atmah Ja) has assimilated a range of techniques—making her a specialist in the field of mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation. Aija is one of the few therapists to offer cupping in Charleston, SC after having first encountered “fire” cupping while apprenticing with a Thai medicine man in Chang Mai,Thailand. While cupping has been around for centuries, it is currently trending because of its ability to produce dramatic healing effects in a shortened period of time!  

Client Education


Client education

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Stop chasing pain  

Its has always been a humbling experience for me to educate clients in understanding their pain patterns as an empowerment into a greater understanding of the body.  Using this 3D interactive app allows you to see the connections through which the nerve impulses travel affecting distances and pain across the body.

Each muscle includes the visual referral pattern and point location.  You can choose to view each muscle individually, or use the zones view to see all the muscles that refer into a specific area (or for a specific condition). This is an invaluable and informative guide in isolating the source of pain!

Pairing trigger point therapy and referral patterns with Class 4 Laser Therapy is scientifically proven to heal acute/chronic conditions.   


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Peeling away the layers of the onion is key in going deeper into structural issues. I am passionate about providing a systemic understanding how the thumb suffers from arthritis has a relationship to blood and lymphatic flow from the armpit area or axilla and can be caused by muscle compression of the pectoralis muscles.  Using The Visible Body app demonstrates how subtle layers of each system interconnect and communicate wellness on every level. 

This 3D interactive clinical-grade app engages clients in understanding the full picture of the body and pathologies by helping them visualize and better understand their condition and related treatment protocol.  


Thermal Body imaging

I use digital thermography to demonstrate the changes in cellular tissue before and after each treatment - the results are palpable and demonstrative of what happens on a photo- biochemical level. The high intensity class 4 laser I use streams infrared wavelengths that are absorbed by the photo-receptors in our cells. Once absorbed, the photons of light energy ignite a chain reaction of metabolic events in the body that circulate newly enriched oxygen and nutrients from the increased blood flow, regenerating cellular tissue at light speed!