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After 17 years of practice as a licensed massage therapist in Charleston, SC, Aija  (Atmah Ja) has assimilated a range of techniques—making her a specialist in the field of mind-body medicine, yoga, and meditation. Aija is one of the few therapists to offer cupping in Charleston, SC after having first encountered “fire” cupping while apprenticing with a Thai medicine man in Chang Mai,Thailand. While cupping has been around for centuries, it is currently trending because of its ability to produce dramatic healing effects in a shortened period of time!  

Plantar Fasciitis

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What is fascia?
Fascia, also called connective tissue, is a cling-wrap-esque layer of tissue that surrounds our muscles. When we injure an area, it causes the fascia to “bunch up” and “stick” to the muscles, rather than glide smoothly along the muscle. In recent research analyzing the amount of nerve endings in the fascia, they have discovered that fascia can transmit 10 times the information, including pain signals, to the brain than muscle. This means that when the fascia is injured or not moving freely, the nerves are sending pain signals to the brain. This is where cupping is so effective.

How cupping works with treating plantar fascia

Cupping therapy has been shown by researchers to alter the tension within the fascia. Cupping is performed by using glass or medical-grade silicone cups that are simply applied on to areas that need treatment, once the proper suction is created, the therapist moves the cup over the affected areas to relax the tissues and induce a relaxed and more mobile state in the fascia.  

Cupping reduces local inflammation, breaks up scar tissue and enhances blood circulation in the feet. In addition, cupping has a homeostatic effect by balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve signals in the feet. In this way, cupping therapy sends a signal to the brain to initiate the healing process.

Cupping massage therapy is offers successful treatment to relieve pain, restore flexibility, and prevent structural deterioration of the feet.